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Mr. Walker graduated California State University, Northridge, Cum Laude, and with Honors in both Political Science and American History.  He spent some time investigating offers of teaching fellowships at UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis, and instead chose to attend McGeorge School of Law, in Sacramento where he graduated in 1983.

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547 Uren Street
Nevada City, CA 95959

Over the past 28 years in Northern California's foothill communities, Mr. Walker has walked literally thousands of people, counseling them through California's complex legal maze with two goals in mind:

1) providing fierce & tireless advocacy, and  
2) avoiding or minimizing negative consequence

While every case is different, Bill always helps minimize the effects of a criminal case.

Although he considers himself first and foremost a trial lawyer, Mr. Walker also routinely represents individuals whose main interest is in resolving their case as promptly and simply as possible. Mr. Walker understands very well that each person’s situation is different, but he strives to minimize the effects of a criminal case to allow his clients to put the case behind them and move on with their lives. If you or someone you love has been arrested, is being investigated, or, has been charged with a crime, call Mr. Walker today for a COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION: 530-478-0675.

More than two decades serving the indigent and low-income population of Nevada County; being in the Superior Court, and Juvenile Court, and Family Law Court courtrooms daily during that time; Serving incarcerated persons, and the inmate population in our county jails, and state prison for nearly 30 years; Helped set-up Nevada County’s drug court, chosen by the Public Defender to serve as the first attorney for participants; Supervised Juvenile Court for Public Defenders’ Office, helping Judge M. Kathleen Butz re-build the Juvenile Drug Court Program for Nevada County; Since 2005, stressed Family Law representation, joined a small law firm to learn Law Office Management and the General Practice of Law; Now in Nevada City in Solo Practice with a dedicated staff of professionals ready to provide excellent legal services to our clients.

Attendance at multiple California Public Defenders’ Association and Continuing Education of the Bar seminars and workshops in Criminal Law, Juvenile Law, Dependency Law, Family Law and Law Office Management, stressing courtroom representation and advocacy, as well as mediation and arbitration.

Dedication & Service
Two decades of continuous service to indigent and low-income working people; seeking to keep continuously updated on changes in our Laws and the Practice of Law in California; exclusively serving our California State Courts; court-appointed to represent people in Nevada, Placer and Sutter counties; voluntary service to the incarcerated and inmate populations in Northern California; providing free and pro bono legal services upon referral.

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